Need advice on SubD modeling

This watch strap is my first SubD model, please advise if I am doing the strap in the right way or not. Thank you.

watch_strap.3dm (394.3 KB)

Looks fine to me. Is there something you don’t like?
Many roads lead to Rome!

I am not sure the tip should be modeled like that, and not sure the stitch line should be done that way, as the tip part looks like a mess?

regarding subD it s always important to check the positions of star-points (vertices, that don t have 4 Faces) . (and non-quads / n-gons (= faces with 5 or more corners))

to have nice control over edges - best approach is to have a faceloop / stripe of faces along the edge.

with this in mind - i suggest the following 2 improvements:
(bottom = original, top = suggestion)

watch_strap_02_tp.3dm (3.3 MB)

and my guess is, that you might get the same shape with less faces…
check (this forum or google…) for “subdivision modeling typology”


Thanks for the suggestion, is there a command or method to create faceloop / stripe of face along the edge? Or do I need to manipulate manually?

there is no single command (or at least i do not know it)
I mainly used
_extrudeSubD (starting with an edgeloop)

other commands you should have a look at:



for subD also gumball is super powerful.

check the forum or the mcneel resources for tutorials … you ll find a lot of very nice stuff / videos / …

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