Necklace and jewelry grasshopper

I am trying to build a shape like this.

you can see the main concept of this design here :slight_smile:Islamic patern - Grasshopper

but i want to be flexible and control the shape with commands such as 3 point arc or etc. because i want to control it with gumball
3pt (3.1 KB)
for more reference you can see pictures below:

Thank you for your attention

I think there are many ways (13.7 KB)





Thank you very much

necklace_pattern (5.6 KB)
i have a question
is there any way to control this pattern with ellipse form instead of circle ?
Thank you

diamond (21.0 KB)

necklace_pattern (9.3 KB)

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You could use several plugins like Lunchbox, Ngon or Mesh+… (18.6 KB)

diamond (15.3 KB)

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diamond (30.3 KB)

Thank you very much.
i think its very good.

From these two points, I want to change the shape a little and make it fatter.
I want to pull it left and right.
is it possible?

7. This is not a do-my-work-for-me group
Many of us like to help, but it’s good to see effort on our part being matched by effort on your part. Questions in the form of “ I need to do X but cannot be bothered to try and learn the software ” will (and should) go unanswered.

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thank you
but you changed it to 3D and that was not my goal!

I do not want to do my projects here.
One way to learn is that we need to be able to develop an idea.
That was the only purpose of asking another question, otherwise I know the rules of this group well.

3D is an option, you can leave the Z value at zero.

One of the rules is that you demonstrate some proficiency by doing some things yourself.

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