Native PDF printing and vinculum

It seems when I have stacked fractions, and print via V6’s native PDF option, the vinculum in the fraction does not print. It does print with PDF995.


Hi Sam - first, thanks for expanding my vocabulary. I’ll test…

Hm- seems to work here - ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ driver - that’s what you meant, right?

vinculum_MS.pdf (71.2 KB)


@pascal; I would assume native PDF export for anything in V6. That is going to be the recommended route.

Hi Steve - I see, yes - I used the Run Clean Rhino thing assuming it would default to whatever our defaults are but apparently not - I see the problem now.


RH-41383 is fixed in the latest WIP

Thanks for the fix. I am now seeing however that the inch mark prints differently between native PDF printing and printing to other formats. With native PDF the inch mark looks like it belongs to the denominator (small and below the vinculum (just to use it again :wink: )), with other formats it appears the same as it would if there were no fraction. I would expect the larger version.