NameView Manager script broke again. Help please!

Hi all,

NameView Manager is a script that saves/restores views+cplanes+layer states in one shot. It was first written by Mattias D’Hooghe for V4. Fixed by @pascal for V5. But I thing some SR in V5 has broken it.

I just realized that one of it’s features, the call out to the dialogue box with all views) is not working anymore in either V5 nor V6. Saving and restoring seems to be working fine, but I cannot call up teh list of all views anymore. For that the command was:

! _-RunScript “ReNamedViews”

The entire script is here:

NamedViewMgr_PG.rvb (19.0 KB)

Anyone knows why this doesn’t work anymore?



Hi Gustavo - what error message do you see? If the error refers to ‘Line 1’ there’s a good chance that dragging and dropping again will sort it out.


Hi Pascal, no error message. just nothing happens. If I drag-n-drop I do get this error:

I see that - the error line is not in a sub or function… I’ll poke at it, hang on a bit.


Nice! would that fix also work in V6? :yum:

Dunno - probably, but at the moment it is not fixed at all… not sure what is up with it. Nothing leaps out at me so far.
@gustojunk - can you send me the original-orignal script? From before my monkeying it for V5? I do not seem to have it any more. Thanks,


Ok, let’s see. Yours was from 2009. So I looked everywhere in my backups and nothin’

…but I search google and I’ve found it in the Wiki! (@Helvetosaur would be proud) (115.6 KB)

Hi Gustavo - as I recall, part of the monkeying that I did was to convert the thing to ‘drag and drop’, do I remember right? The original script, no drag and drop, kinda works off of the buttons in the toolbar provided, with a couple of tweaks, I’ll at least get that back out here shortly if all goes well.

@gustojunk So, this seems to work - it will drag and drop to load and load in the future, but it does not have any aliases this time, it needs the toolbar to run. Try: Save, drag and drop this, close and reopen Rhino and the toolbar and see if it does anything good… NamedViewMgr_PG_12_12_16.rvb (18.6 KB)


I think a few more things were not working, not just drag and drop. Maybe the tweaks will bring it back alive. Tweak Pascal, tweak away! Thanks!


I tried in V5 and V6:

Darn - so this is after restarting Rhino? Crp, works here…


wait the restart caused a new build to install. Maybe that tripped things up… let me try again.

Yup I get greeted in both V5 and V6 with this:

I want my money back.

OK here you go:

we’re even now, right?

So does this show on startup or on pushing a toolbar button? Oh, also, open Options > RhinoScript, look in the list there and make sure there is not another version of the script also loading.


Yeah we are even now. Ok, out for dinner. I’ll check back soon.

I cleaned up teh startup scripts. Same problem. :neutral_face:

Hi Gustavo - do you see this when starting Rhino or when trying to run the script from one of the buttons - which button?


It shows on startup. Only one button doe snot work. The one that is for Re:Namedviews, inside that button there’s the command ! _-RunScript “ReNamedViews”

The other buttons work despite teh error message at startup. Makes sense?


Hi Gustavo - it almost makes sense - the error on startup is clearly wrong and I don’t get it here, so I’m swimming a bit on that, I’ll check with Dale F, he might have an idea. The rename button fails with an error here if I have a view available to rename at all, otherwise it behaves correctly - tells me there is no named view in the file. I’ll take a look.


correct, it’s working as expected when there are no saved views. But it’s failing when there are saved views. It’s doing nothing and it’s supposed to bring up a dialog/window with all the existing saved views where you can select them, make them active, rename, delete, etc.

Hi Gustavo - this is a very clunky fix so far, but I think it works…er, better. Please give it s spin - if it behaves, I’ll try to clean it up under the hood. Not that YOU would care!

NamedViewMgr_PG_12_13_16.rvb (27.7 KB)