Named views not scaling

I’m having a problem with named views not scaling properly. I have several named views saved and when I click on them they appear “zoomed in”. If I change the model units, the current view then zooms based on the unit scale factor, but if I then click on the named view to restore it (even if it is the same view), the view “zooms” in again.
Is there a universal setting I’m unaware of that controls scale of named views?

Thanks for any help.

Hello - named views should scale with the units change. I am not sure what you are describing - are you saving a named view then changing the units (and scaling the model), then restoring the named view, and the view is not correct?


The scale of the named views seem locked, ie; the scale of the view does not change even if model units are changed.

Note, when changing model units, model is set to scale also.

Hello - this is what I see, just to make sure we are dealing with the same workfow.


Yes, That is what I’m seeing. Is this the default behavior? Ie; despite units being changed, and model being scaled, when restoring a named view it returns to its original view perspective, independent of units?

Well, I am not sure if I would describe it that way, but the named views are scaled with the model, (As I would expect…)

RH-1834 Scale named views when changing units

RH-13097 Scale named views


That was my understanding, and after I re-set all the named views back to the perspectives I intended, the views scaled properly if I changed model units and scaled the model. I can’t explain how the named views in this particular model all got scaled in the first place, however.