Named Views after Dragging Sidebar


I’ve set up a series of named views for a project, for which I have been exporting views at a constant 3400 x 2400 resolution, which allowed me to quickly export a high res view and simply paste it on top of my photoshop file without having to scale it.

I’ve been doing this for weeks, but as of today I’ve realized that dragging my sidebar slightly has resulted in a change in the resolution output, such that setting a named view and exporting at 3400x2400 (using _viewcapture) no longer gives me the images in the correct size to paste over eachother.

I’ve noticed the same with maxwell render, I can no longer select a named view and rely on getting the exact same position when clicking ‘‘render’’. after dragging my sidebar slightly, all of my images are out of place once rendered.

Is anybody able to suggest a way to get back to my old screen layout / prevent this happening in future? I have produced tons of images and diagrams for a project using the same named views, and after widening my layer bar slightly, I’m no longer able to export those exact images again…


Hi Sam -

FWIW, In Rhino 6, there’s a Restore aspect ratio option for Named Views. But that won’t help you on Rhino 5.

That sounds very good, although sadly my cries for a Rhino 6 upgrade have fallen on deaf ears so far…

Is there any method to reset the aspect ratio or anything in rhino 5? or perhaps lock it entirely? One misclick has proven fatal to my entire workflow, it seems even closing and reopening Rhino doesn’t help.

Thanks again,


You can type in the size, in pixels, of your viewports. So, if you know the size you want based on your photoshop image, type those in & your viewport will be the right size. Then, when you use Named Views, the images should match.