Changing unit settings scales camera of NamedView but not target

In Rhino V5 SR13, when I am changing a document’s unit setting the camera is scaled for NamedViews, but the target is not. Is that a bug or is there some setting somewhere that can change this behaviour??

I’m trying to reproduce what you’re reporting but so far not having much luck. The camera target updates after reinstating the named view following a unit change where scaling is accepted. Can you provide a file with the steps to show the issue you’re seeing? I think I’m missing something.

Hello Brian, here is what I do:

  • I use e.g. Small Objects - Inches and set up a camera:
  • I save the camera as NamedView.
  • I change from Inches to Meters:
  • When I now double click my saved NamedView, my camera looks like this:

Shouldn’t target in last image also be (0, 0, 2.54) meters??

This is very odd… I think I’m still missing something. I made a file following your instructions and after switching the units from inches to meters I do not see the camera values update as you’ve shown. I tested by choosing to accept the scale or not after the unit conversion. It would still be good to see your file to test here but I’ll also share the test I just made in v5 SR13. Can you change the units to meters in this file and see the camera values change for Named View 1 afterwards? Camera_unit_change_target.3dm (209.2 KB)

When I open your file, switch to meters and double click saved named view 1 my target again is (0,0,100) while my camera is (0,-25.4,2.54).

I’m stumped… that doesn’t happen here so I’m not sure why you’re getting that behavior. Are you choosing yes or no to the scaling of the model? Do you have any plugins installed for rendering that may effect the camera? I use a 3D connexion navigator device here but maybe you are using a different one or it has a different driver. Maybe some other users can test my file too for comparison.

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When I choose no while changing units, things are as expected. When I choose yes things go wrong even when all plug-ins I installed are disabled.

What does that mean?

Backing up a few steps here - I suppose that we all want the system to behave as follows: If you change the units and choose to scale the model when doing so, Named views should be updated to show the same view as they did before the unit change.

To me that would mean that both camera location and camera target are changed (i.e. scaled).

When you say that you do not see the camera values update, do you refer to the camera location or the camera target? Or both?

In the file that you sent, when changing the units from inch to meters, the camera location changes from (0,-1000,100) to (0,-25.4,2.540) - as expected. But the camera target remains at (0,0,100).
With the model as it is it is really hard to see if that makes a difference in the resulting view so I put a “structure” around the box, zoomed in, and made a new named view. Then I changed units and checked if the view is the same:

I put the two results with transparent backgrounds on top of each other and as far as I could tell, they were identical.

While the camera location scales, the target does not.

I then placed objects away from the world origin and then the result is this:

So when the target is sufficiently (?) far away from the origin, its coordinates are scaled in accordance with changes in the units. When the target is close to the origin, its coordinates are not scaled.

Not that it makes sense to me but that is what appears to be going on…

Both, I get no change in either area of the Properties panel after changing the units and accepting the scale or not. Thanks for confirming what Marcus found though. I never saw a model from him so I just made something quick to try and test it for a potential bug report. I’ll try and figure out why I don’t see what you both do here and then I can file a report.

My understanding is that you want the target to scale as well after the unit change and restoring of the named view. The issue as you mentioned may be related to the distance the target is from the origin but that doesn’t explain yet why I can’t replicate the same behavior.

@MarcusStrube @wim I just tested this in the Rhino WIP (which I should have to begin with… sorry!) and the target scales to 0,0,2.54 as expected. So it looks like the issue is resolved moving forward. Please let me know if you see differently in the WIP.

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