Named Positions when copy/pasted

I read here recently someone mention the proliferation of named positions names when copy/pasting in from another instance of Rhino. They really add up in a hurry but at least are labeled as copies. My problem is that when I take a component that has two named states, in one model and copy/paste it to another more recent version of the model, The state in which it was in when copied is fine in the new model but the other state seems to do what is expected but moves the whole assembly from its proper position. I’ll read up on older posts that pop up in the little window which is a nice feature here on discourse.

Right off hand, I cannot see how this can really work in a predictable way, maybe @lars has an idea (see also Bug? - named positions self-duplicating ), but right now, I think probably named position data should not be pasted with the objects at all…