Named Position objects copied

The problem here is I mirrored and copied an object which was part of several named position sets and the new mirrored object moved around with the moved positions, so I copied and deleted the mirrored object but the copied named position info is copied too and it still moved around.

The remedy was to select the objects in the named positions, de-select this object from each and resave each named position.

Can someone steer me in the right direction here, otherwise could we have a command to remove objects from one or all named positions added to the heap.

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Hi Brian- this looks like bug to me, at least I cannot think of why this would be designed behavior, and I cannot think of a good way out, off hand.

Bug report -

These are not available to the public yet.


Oops - wrong link Pascal. The issue number is RH-24780

Thanks Andy- edited above…


Any word on this fix?

If you need to remove mirrored objects from named positions, the following topic may help you:

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I have fund the same problem too.