Naked Edge Cleanup Issues

After some design and work with a related piece, I went back to the base piece I attached to see if it had naked edges (should have done this earlier in the process,but,newb). The piece was fully joined, so I exploded to try and fix edge issues - but now, no matter what I do, I cannot join the whole piece back together… Keeps complaining that there is no open surface to join between the 3 parts… Any help would be massively appreciated……….sample-base.3dm (358.3 KB)

Hello - use ShowEdges to see where the open edges are on the end pieces - the middle bit is closed. But, that means that the middle part cannot be Joined to anything. Is that the goal, to make this all one polysurface?

@jgarrettmiller - see the attached file - compare the white and blue objects in my file to the corresponding bits in the original - see how the edges of the surface match up nicely to the edges of the red object ? Also, notice the objects are open and will be closed by Joining.
sample-base_PG.3dm (264.3 KB)


yes-trying to make it a single polysurface

I am all over Pluralsight trying to understand this. I am very confused on this - before I explode the object, it is a single polysurface. If I explode and then immediately try and rejoin, it does not work. For this part, to mill it, shouldn’t it be a single piece? What is the best way to fix this — start over?

Hello - did you see the file I posted back, above?


This was great. Thank you very much. I apologize for the late reply - work had me pulled away for a few days. Have a great weekend!