Can not fixing naked edges between two identical sweeped surface edges

rhinostudy_01.3dm (1.4 MB)

In my uploaded file, I was doing my complex edge blending studies.

There is a simple line shape naked edge, inside a polysurfaces.

I did several Sweep2 thing. But every time I did so it just made a

naked edge every time same place.

I know that even with same base curves, different orders of rail&curves selection could make different results. I did all combination I could do. But there was only one combination which can make
perfect shape of surface with perfect G2 continuity and this made a single tiny naked lined edge.
Some other combinations of selecting rail-curve orders made no naked edges but didn’t have perfect continuity. holly mama.

Please Help me.

Hello - ExtractSrf the two surfaces on either side of the naked edge. ShrinkTrimmedSrf then matchSrf for tangency, then Join