Naked edges with interlattice

Hello, I connected two surfaces with a lattice structure, which gives a proper structure. The only problem is that there are over 6000 ‘nakes edges’ in the part. Because these edges the structure won’t become solid. I want to 3D print the part so I need to get rid of these. I am currently using rhino 6 in combination with grasshopper with the ´Interlattice´ plug-in.

The form which the structure has to make isn’t that hard so I expect there is a problem with the settings. Would anyone be able to help me?

The part:

all the naked edges:

The mesh report:

The Grasshopper File:
Question part (15.7 KB)

The Rhino 6 File:
question part R.3dm (884.7 KB)


Try using the cocoon plugin or exoskeleton to thicken the intralatice lines? It will take a long time unless you have a supercomputer so get it working on a simple structure of similar strut lengths before trying on your structure.

Also check you don’t have any duplicate lines in your structure.