Naked edges in meshing for 3D printing

Hi there.

I am trying to 3D print a pattern. I used a pattern and projected it onto a surface. Then I extruded the curves of the pattern and finally meshed them. Unfortunately because of the complex geometry of the pattern, there is mesh inside the mesh that I don’t know how to get rid of or patch. It is resulting in some naked edges that stl formats hate. Can someone please show me to make it waterproof please? Thank you :slight_smile:

try using commands like FillMeshHole, ExtractMeshFaces, MeshRepair or just press Ctrl+Shift and delete unnecessary triangles. You shoud also “Check” you geometry during the NURBS work phase - use EdgesAnalysys for that (ShowEdges command), get rid of naked and manifold edges,

Yeah I tried doing all that but i am sure I am not doing it correctly. Is there a way I can send my file to get help?

How big is the file? Can you post it publicly here? If so, zip it and either use the upload button at the top of the post window, or just drag and drop the file into your post. Someone will have a look.