Mesh object not adequate for rapid prototyping

Hi - just got a 3d printer and want to print this small (60mm high) “wall clock” that I modelled for a doll’s house. I have no naked edges in the NURBS model (it’s watertight) so I’m converting to mesh before exporting as an .stl.
I get the message you see in the screenshot - “STL file not adequate for rapid prototyping” I’ve tried exported anyway but while the slicer program I’m using imports and displays the model as it should look, when I slice it, it misses/leaves out most of the model.
I’ve gone through the forum and followed Pascal’s advice from a previous enquiry about welding the meshes. When I run SelNakedMeshEdgesPt, I do get a few results that are apparently naked triangles. Is this what the problem is and how can I fix it? I have also run UnifyMeshNormals, as per Pascal. Can anyone see what the issue is with the model? Or could it be a slicer issue? I’m using Sli3er Prusa Edition. Other .stls load and slice normally in there. Unfortunately the mesh exceeds the maximum file size here, it’s 27.9 MB, so I’ve uploaded the original NURBs instead.


Wallclock.3dm (5.9 MB)

if you _Explode the object then _Join it all together again, it should export properly.
(i’m not exactly sure why… i just know that doing the above closed it)

you may want to do _MergeAllFaces on it as well.
(which may take a little time to complete… took 15secs on my computer)

Hi Rory - the object has a non-manifold edge - use ShowEdges set to Non-Manifold to see where that is - basically the object has zero thickness there- you should either leave a gap or have the arrow shaped thing fully penetrate, if only slightly, the circle.


This worked! Nice! Successful export. Playing with it in the slicer now

Thank you Pascal, I’ll be sure to check non manifold in future - didn’t think of that.