My upcoming Bathroom for 2023

Sharing my upcoming bathroom remodel, I tried to visualize every product before purchasing it, hoping to stay within budget, although likely it won’t happen.

I’m using this small project to test out features in V8

Click Below to View in 360.
Pano copy

The Current Progress Below:


Looks great! Using 3D to design small rooms is a must to get the best layout, and this will be a great bath to wake up to!

Good luck, it’s worth trying :wink:

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I like the last shot. Maybe we should ask for an AI powered ‘building site chaos mode’ in Rhino 9 to render scenes like this.:wink:

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Thanks Holo,
Even without a budget, I’m able to carefully layout the tiles and calculate the approximate the cuts, thus I can minimize the material’s waste. which is also a good thing we can get from building a digital twin.

and imagine “Chaos Mode” gets turned on by default due to a bug. this forum will go berserk.

how did you get the 360 output, is there something in V8 now? or did i ovesleep that and its already in rhino :smiley:

The 360 degrees panorama is a V-Ray feature. It exists since V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino.

That’s some very post-modern furniture.

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more like wife-approved Items ; :sweat_smile:


Progress… Next is Tile work


Is this a two-person shower? I’m asking because it’s rather large. :wink:
It’s funny how the tiny adjacent room next to it, seemingly can’t even fit any useful furniture with the door opening towards the inside. What’s in there? Sorry for being nosey.

The adjacent room is a linen closet. Approximately 80" x 80"… I took out a closet from the adjacent room and expanded this bath with a more “maneuverable” shower.

Sorry I need to mirror the closet door.

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That’s the best decision ever!

I’d love to put those when I remodel our bathrooms, well, at least for my bathroom. The kids and guests can use regular toilets for mere mortals. :rofl:



Okay…How much :sweat_smile:

I’d say these ToTo in-wall tanks are worth double the price; I haven’t had a problem with the one in the other restroom. I like the idea of a 'Floating" bowl, so you can easily clean below it. Maintenance is yet to be tested.
the most challenging part is generally here in California, Where the Green Building Code sets up a limit for the approved GPM (Gallon Per Minute) or GPF (Gallons Per Flush) makes many of these fancy toilets to be non-compliant so you end up with few options.

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Another use of rhino is to calculate your tile seams properly. some adjustments were needed after we measured the exact ceiling height.