My sincere thanks to Grasshopper and many kind guys! I have published four papers in Scientific Reports based on Grasshopper, and with the kind helps from you guys

Hi everyone,

I am working in a medical center as an engineer, doing medical image processing and modeling.
I can still remember the first day I used Grasshopper two years before, and it’s such an exciting day! I realized that it would be my most powerful tool for modeling. Since then, I can say I have no single day without Grasshopper. And in two years, I have published four first-(co) author papers in Scientific Reports (IF=4.379). The modeling based on Grasshopper always plays a crucial role in all these studies.

Besides the powerful function of GH, I also thank so many guys in the forum for offering kind helps and suggestions. Without your help, I can’t get these achievements. Especially I want to thank Gijs, Hs_Kim, Joseph_Oster, DanielPiker, Laurent Delrine, seghierkhaled, and Michael_Pryor. It’s my honor to communicate with you on this forum and have your kind helps. Also, thanks to the other guys who helped me!

Finally, I think it is just the beginning of the application of GH to the medical field. More works and publications are ahead. I wish more progress of GH and more success to all of you!


Very cool. It would be great if you could link to those papers when they are published. Congrats btw!

cc: @Gijs , @HS_Kim , @Joseph_Oster , @DanielPiker , @LaurentDelrieu , @seghierkhaled , @Michael_Pryor .


Great to hear @w.wu

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Sure, there are the links for the four papers.

Let me know if anyone finds problem of the links. Thank you all!


ِCongratulations :+1:

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Hi Dan,

If I want to cite Grasshopper with a reference in my future works, which reference could be suitable? It’s a pity I couldn’t find a suitable one. Thanks!

congrats!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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:slight_smile: Sharing your work and insight here is plenty. It is nice to see the inline citation.

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That’s a very kind message, thank you

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Wow. Incredible use of scripting. Congratulations on a great piece of research.

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