SURVEY: What is the best thing made in GH that you've ever seen? (Animations included)

Over the last 5 months I’ve been learning and have developed a real respect for the Grasshopper plugin. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on the web and read a few instructional guides, but I feel as though the examples I’ve seen have only scratched the surface, so I’m curious:

For those of you who’ve been around the block, I’m sure you’ve seen or made a lot of designs using Grasshopper. Could you share with us a design that sticks out in your mind as a real work of art, using cunning GH code? Any great animations?

What spontaneously comes to mind is @AndersDeleuran’s amazing, animated car parking simulation, as well as pretty much all of Antoine Maes’ freakishly beautiful and smooth motion graphics.
If you’re interested, you can also take a look at some of my humble projects, like my 4d cube or my take on the travelling salesman problem.


top notch

My all time fav, the one that started it all for me…


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Um, the Mercedes Stadium roof?

Any of the work from Andrew Kudless is inspiring for me. Most of it uses Grasshopper I believe.


This one is also very nice:

Work of art by Gosse de Kort. @Gerard made the grasshopper script for the 1600 3d printed light fixtures to make this possible.


Also, pretty much all of @DanielPiker’s Kangaroo demo videos are very inspiring.


Thank you for mentioning Gijs,

At a later time, I will explain more about this project in a blog post. However, my contribution has been to give project feedback to the artist about feasability and technical issues. Also I was responsible for the Grasshopper script that translates light pattern images into 3D printed armatures that contain the correct holes for displaying each images with 400 different armatures per side. That makes a total of 1600 unique armatures in total for four sides.
The tower is about 8 meters tall and 2.2 meters wide.
Grasshopper calculation time per side was up to 18 hours and also included tagging each armature with a unique ‘engraved’ ID to be able to locate it properly during assembly. @Willem Derks was so kind to write a small script for exporting 400 baked armatures per side to individual STL files with the same ID.
All credits go to artist Gosse de Kort for his vision, thorough work preparation and stamina to finish this project with limited budget.


That guy was actually insane. The full video is incredible.
And nice trolling with the song he picked for this making of … :upside_down_face:

And thank you guys ! So happy to see my stuff popping here !! :blush::blush:

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Very cool @antoinemaesantoine