My Rhino sidebar has gone AWOL

My Rhinoceros Sidebar has gone missing.

I don’t see it under Window/Containers and it is missing from the UI.

It went missing from the UI after I upgraded to the latest version of R8, on my laptop, a couple of days ago.

But, with the previous, release, version of R8, (NOT upgraded yet) running on a desktop machine… I dragged the sidebar off of the side in order to see what it was called so I could raise a bug. When I did that I was none the wiser so I dragged it back onto the side but then noticed that it didn’t update as I changed from Curve tools to Solid tools, etc.

I came to the forum, found out it was called the sidebar and where it should be in the menu system.

I looked for it and it wasn’t on the menus. This is with the previous, released, version of R8.

I then let R8 update on the desktop, in the hope that. well, I dunno… that something would automagically fix?!?

But now I have two machines without the Rhinoceros sidebar (the one that tracks tool selection).

To recap:

The Window/Containers/Rhinoceros Sidebar menu option is missing from the latest and previous version of R8.

Upgrading to the latest version disappeared my sidebar (the one that tracks tool selection changes)

Hello- please try the Window menu > Window layouts > Default window layout - does that sort it out?


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That worked, and the Window/Containers/Rhinoceros Sidebar menu option is back.

It must be a bug that the menu option went missing but I can use Rhino again now.

Thanks Pascal.

I spoke too soon.

I have the Rhinoceros Sidebar back, and it tracks the usual suspects: Surface Tools, Solid Tools, SubD, Mesh, but not Curves. I do not get the Curves specific toolbar buttons when I select the Curves tab on the toolbar along the top of the window (below the command edit box).

So my UI is still broken. :frowning:

I notice that I don’t have a Curve Sidebar option on the Window/Containers menu.

Though the Curve Drawing container looks like what I want. Is the difference in name causing my issue?