My renderings look good on computer but look like shit when printed

How do you get a rendering to look good when printed. Should I change my viewport to a larger size. If I do that it tells me the rendering will be done in 6 Hours!

In Photoshop, change the color mode to CMYK to preview what will change and what will not. Also, go to a quality digital printer for best results. Last time I got a digital pre-press print with glossy stock and it looks as good / better than the screen. Don’t expect much with a standard printer and normal paper.

It sounds like you are talking about resolution.
So yeah, if you size up the rendertime will multiply.

1.000 x 1.000 =1.000.000 px
2.000 x 2.000 = 4.000.000 px = 4 times longer to render
4.000 x 4.000=16.000.000 px = 16 times longer to render.

You can size up 2x in Photoshop to minimize visible pixles with out loosing much quality.
At 300 dpi it’s difficult to tell it apart from a “pure 300 dpi” render.

Larger images can often be rendered at 75 dpi and upscaled as viewing distance is often further away.
(ref 1080 computer screen vs 1080 tv)