If my Rhino Renderer is set to 300 dpi, why does it always save as 72?

Riddles of the universe – most likely I’m missing something obvious. Thanks forum.

A picture has x times y pixels. DPI doesn’t change that.

Do you have the units for the size set to anything other than pixels?

The way I see it, the DPI setting should be grayed out when pixels is the unit. When some other unit is set, the DPI just helps one find out how big the picture can be printed with a certain DPI. It’s just a help to see if one needs to render at a higher resolution.


Ok that makes sense, thank you.

All common bitmap file formats (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, Windows BMP) are more than a rectangle of pixels. They all also have, as a minimum, a pixels per inch or pixels per cm setting. This informs image editors and printers what the physical size of the image should be when printing.

Rhino Render neglected to include the DPI setting in the output image. This will be fixed in the next WIP release.