My object is a valid, closed polysurface but it wont mesh properly

My object is a valid, closed polysurface but it wont mesh properly. The mesh keeps resulting in a ‘bad mesh’ and is rendered with chunky blocky parts. I thought it was just a visualization problem but that doesnt seem to be the case.180608 New Sphere.3dm (7.0 MB)

180608 New Sphere AGHHHHHH.3dm (3.2 MB)
I attached the larger file above this is a smaller file that wil demonstrate the problem when you go to mesh the sphere.

I just tried it here and it meshes just fine.
What are your mesh settings?

Things were working fine and all of a sudden it started having mesh troubles. I didnt change any settings so I’m curious what I’ve done here.

You have most of your mesh creation settings disabled (set to 0).
Try setting your initial grid quads to 500 or so.

Maybe have a look at the Help file article for Mesh so you can see what the different settings do.

Thanks. I looked at that and Im not sure its solving the problem. Maybe I just havent f

found the right combination of settings but overall something seems to be off.

I read through the mesh page on the rhino site- is this you were referring?

That’s good information too but no, I was referring to the Help article for the Mesh command itself.

Set an Inspector panel to context sensitive Help by clicking on the big question mark over the panels. Then start the Mesh command to see the command details and settings.

Thank you. Im not sure what the problem is but i started over from the begihnning scratching teh whole file and it all seems to be working.

Thank you for your help!