My mistake, disregard this thread "Possible bug with the Gumball on SubD"

After making the circle SubD friendly, when trying to rotate it 45 º the Gumball rotates but not the circle.
Also when trying to rotate the same way a SubD cilinder from the non rotated already SubD friendly circle, the SubD cilinder does not rotate (the Gumball rotates)


BUG 1.3dm (29.8 KB) BUG 2.3dm (40.7 KB)

I can’t confirm in RC 7.5.21068.13001


Install this version sr6

Thank you for the replies. With RC 7.5.21068.13001 the bug persists

Same bug with a SubD revolve with 8 around faces
BUG 3.3dm (99.3 KB) BUG_3

Hi -

How are you determining that the object isn’t rotating? For all the shapes that you have mentioned, there won’t be a visual clue that the object rotated.

Hi, place the model in box mode

Correct I was rotating an amount that ended on the same position