Additional Hatches for Rhino 6

Previously, in Rhino 4 and 5, additional hatches could be downloaded from the Rhino site. A quick renaming of the extension, from .txt, to .pat, would allow you to import these additional hatches. This does not appear to be working in Rhino 6.

How can I access additional hatch patterns?


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Hatch patterns (and line type patterns), are stored in Rhino 3dm files now.
You can Import them from a PAT file like before or from a 3dm file in Options > Hatch, or create your own.


I think there are a bunch of hatch patterns on too.

I am trying to import additional hatch patterns into Rhino 6. It is not recognizing PAT files. I am using the text file from the link below. How can I get this to work? Please advise.

Renaming the hatchpatterns_1033.txt file from that link to hatchpatterns_1033.pat and importing that from the Hatch page works fine here. Exactly where are you running into problems here?

Thank you for the reply, the file wasn’t showing up in the import dialog.

It turns out that in Windows 10 you need to un-hide file extensions in the control panel… otherwise renaming the file has no impact on its extension. That is, my file was actually hatchpatterns_1033.pat.txt. It imports fine once the extension is actually changed.


how can i downlode additional hatches

Easiest is to just search for “DWG hatches” on google and download free autocad files.
Then just open those in a new Rhino instance and copy past elements into your file. That automatically stores it in your Rhino file when you save the Rhino file.