My Grasshopper definition is crashing Dec.12 Beta after I make a few connections

I have a large 3200 component Grasshopper definition which has become very unstable as I edit it.

I’ve been reworking my definition using the fantastic Telepathy components from NBBJ but it doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m connecting any particular type of component.

After a few connections Rhino (Dec.12th Beta) crashes.

You’re getting those crash report windows after it crashes? Just keep submitting those ideally with as much information as you think relevant. I’ll dig through the newest crashes tomorrow to see if anything obvious pops up.

Thanks for the reply David.
Strangely no, I’m not seeing any crash report windows at all.

There is just the Windows alert saying “Rhino has stopped working…”

There have been two crash report documents generated on the desktop though. Is there a proper place to upload those? Or should I post them to this thread?

Here are an example of the crash file left on my desktop after a crash: (12.1 MB)

And another just in case it’s helpful: (12.0 MB)

Crashed on editing a formula in a formula component this time. All previous crashes have been on making a new wire connection, probably because that was what I was doing the most. I’m guessing that anything that triggers a recalculation is leading to the crashes.

I’m seeing crashes every 5 to 10 minutes and always when the definition is recalculating.

That’s probably not going to help me I’m afraid. There’s some files on the desktop that are only there during the crash that are included in the report but automatically deleted after the report is either submitted or cancelled.

Basically what I need in order to fix any bug is the .NET call-stack which mentions the type of error that occurred and the sequence of method invokes that led up to it. If there is no call-stack it probably means the crash happened in the C++ part of Rhino and that is beyond me (we can still investigate, but it requires the involvement of a C++ programmer).

I can confirm that the same problem is still there in the Dec. 20 Beta.

Are there any other crash reporting steps I can take?

Otherwise it looks like I’ll have to go scurrying back to Rhino5 and take out all of the Relay components from my Grasshopper1 definition. Which is a shame because I was really enjoying using Grasshopper1 and the Rhino6 Beta. I know it will be fantastic when it’s released.

Not apart from submitting the crash reports and ideally including your e-mail, name and what you were doing at the time. There’s nothing I can find in our crash system when I search for “Pedersen” or even “Leo”, I’ll have to ask Seattle what’s up with that.

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I’ve seen the crash report window in the past, but for this issue the crash report window is not appearing so I’m not getting any chances to submit anything.

Is that what you call a “ninja crash?”

Really, a crash that doesn’t even get caught by the reporter? Eh… ok. Certain things (such as stack-overflow errors) can cause this, but it’s pretty rare.

I realise it’s almost Christmas and you may have more fun engagements, but I’d love to know if disabling any plug-ins you might have one-by-one eventually solves the issue.

Yeah no crash reporter at all.

I’m working my way through removing Grasshopper plugins starting by removing the ones I don’t use.

I’ll continue removing them one at a time as time allows. Probably next week.

Thanks very much for your quick replies David and Happy Holidays!


I’ve just spent about 4 hours replacing relays with parameter components so I can return to using my large definition in Rhino5.

Didn’t have a single crash while in the process of rewiring parameter components and deleting relay components, but the first time I made a connection using a Telepathy component I got an immediate ninja crash.

I’ve ask Marc the creator of Telepathy if they’ve done any testing on Rhino6 Beta and will post here whenever I receive a reply.

In the meantime I think I’m best off removing the rest of my relays and going back to Rhino5 until this issue is sorted out.

Can you send me the Telepathy GHA that you use? I’d like to test it as well.

Sent in a private message.