Grasshopper definition crashes Rhino 5 (win) while opening


A grasshopper definition I was working on crashed, now it crashes whenever I try to open it. The definition isn’t too heavy and locking the solver doesn’t make any difference.

The reason it crashed in the first place seemed odd: I created a group and its boundary kept growing as I zoomed out.

Is there anything else I can try except locking the solver?


Hi Olesia, this is a known bug which has been fixed in recent Rhino6 versions. Somehow the group contains itself, causing a runaway expansion of the group boundary geometry.

If you upload the file I can open and save it in Rhino6, that should fix it. Or you could upgrade to a newer Rhino yourself.

Thanks for replying so quickly!

Unfortunately, upgrading to a newer Rhino version is not up to me, so if you could open it with Rhino 6 that would be great. Here is the file. (330.5 KB)

Your file has a bunch of plug-ins I don’t have, I had to go in and manually delete all the groups (46 in total I think) from the file without trying to load it. Sorry, all groups are gone now, but does the attached still work as expected? (287.5 KB)

Yes, it does!

Sorry for the hustle and thank you once again.