How to use Rhino WIP SubD?

Hi there!

My question might sound stupid, but how to use those new freeform modeling tools/features in Rhino WIP?

I’ve been useing T-Splines for years, but I haven’t much used Rhino features - even I’ve been working ‘inside’ Rhino all these years.
I mean those similar features like T-Splines, Clayoo, etc. Is there some short manual or help how to get started? I found some Free-Form commands in Rhino WIP but they seem to be for curves only.

Even the creation of tose features has just started, I understood that something more can already be done than just curves?

Thank’s for Yor answers!


Here’s the initial description:

The Serengeti + SubD category has several threads with the details you’re looking for.

Ok, thank You for your answer.

I looked quickly and didn’t understand a word about the introduction :wink:
A person called Holo has made a toolbar of his own (SubD Holo).

That’s what I found so far (plus searching 1-2 hours for SubD commands before I made my question here).

Is there something I should know when searching those toolbars? Should I have a plugin? Looks like many others has been having the same 'problem.'
Maybe few words/sentensies about the topic would help here on forum like ‘how to start with SubD modeling?’ (Rather than repeatedly answering the same questions for guys like me :wink: )

I’ll continue searching - hopefully I’ll find something…


There are no toolbars available.

There is no plug-in.

Basically SubDFromMesh is all there is at the moment. You will have to craft a mesh that is suitable for SubD and then you can convert that.

True, and the toolbar you refer to is something I put together to make and edit meshes easier as I could not wait to test out the Sub-D feature. I’ll work on it as soon as I have time, hopefully during Xmas, so I can release a beta for you guys to play with.


Sorry about the confusion. Rhino WIP is a “work in progress”. Some features are further along than others. The SubD development is in the earliest phase.

That is the core SubD geometry mathematics development. There are some internal test commands to test the math code to make sure it works.

Once the core is work well enough, the SDK development will start. That will allow other developers to access the core SubD geometry functions.

When the SDK is ready enough, the UI development will get underway.

Of course, much of this can happen at the same time, but if we are not careful the SDK and UI development will need to be redone many times if the core changes often.

We will be sharing to test commands with you all as they are developed so that you can try out the underlying SubD geometry technology

Unfortunately, at the moment, we still have a bit of core SubD geometry work to do. All we have for you is one command that converts a mesh into a NURBS-based SubD limit surface. It should give you the shape you expect from the mesh you select. If not, we would like hear from you.


Ok, thank You John, Wim, Holo and Bob from your quick respond and profound answers!

Yes, now I understand the situation.

Holo, another stupid question: are you working separately from McNeel group or together with them when developing the tools you mentioned?
(Nice to hear about your intention regarding the tools).


Most times conversions have been good lately but not always. Who do I send the bad conversions for review? @dalelear?


Holo, did You do that toolbar for yourself or for McNeel? I mean do You work for McNeel?
Are those the same toolbars which are eventually coming to Rhino?

The answer might be clear for others here on forum, but I didn’t understand it fully from Your comments…

Thank’s for Your answer!


True what?
Like I said I didn’t quite understand from Your earlier comments did You do the toolbars for yourself or McNeel – and you copy pasted an earlier comment as an answer :wink:


Here is the best place…

Not publicly you silly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Johnny, I did the tools for my own pure pleasure.
I am not working for McNeel… (I am a reseller and a user though :wink: )

Looking for some old project files I came across this just now:

Over 10 years ago we were already nagging RMA’s team for SubD support. If anything this is proof that we are obsessed and relentless. And we will not stop :grin:

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Ok, everything clear now :wink: