Suggestions for Making Rhino a Better Program

It would be nice if Rhino had a draw on face tool and a push/pull tool as found in Sketchup Pro. This would be for making SOLIDS not just planes. Most of my fellow designers have dropped most other software packages and switched to Sketchup Pro because it is easier and quicker to use. Second thing to improve Rhino would be for Rhino programmers at McNeel to include an Architectural tab with a Revit like menu. This menu would have a properties box, an icon to create levels (similar to Revit), objects to select such as a wood stud wall tool, a window tool, a roof tool, a structural tool, a foundation tool, mechanical and electrical tabs, building information capabilities that would allow for a material takeoff list generation and energy anlaysis of buildings. This would be for creating plans in a similar fashion as Autodesk’s Revit. Also if McNeel programmers included Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign tools then designers could add backgrounds images to their completed renderings, adjust lines weights, and arrange drawings on several pages just like you could with those Adobe software packages but without the monthly license fee. If McNeel created Rhino with these features then me and a lot of other Architects would likely drop Autodesk’s Revit, Sketchup Pro and Adobes CC software and fully adopt Rhino Instead. Because Rhino has an affordable stand alone perpetual license, and great tools for use with laser cutters and 3d printers it would be a no brainer, you would get far more value for your money with Rhino then you would with Autodesk’s Revit, Trimble’s Sketchup Pro and Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Users would have all the functionality and capability they need in just one Software Package, Rhino !!! Think about it McNeel, you could easily corner the market!!!

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An awful lot of architects have already adopted Rhino and use the VisualARQ plugin for trade-specific functions. Many also use Grasshopper for complex concepts…

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I like rhino/grasshopper exactly because it isn’t all those softwares. You can truly make it anything you want, well maybe not the adobe part.

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I’ve used Sketchup, just before I made my decision to but Rhino. Has Sketchup evolved to use anything more than polygons?

I am terribly sorry but Adobe illustrator is a study in bad user interface design. In the early 1990s there were few outlets for computer books. Back then, you couldn’t but a Pagemaker book other than what Adobe put in the purple box. With books and manuals used sort of an ad-hock DRM, there was little reason to make a user interface better. It appears that Adobe Illustrator fell into that groove. It’s tools are so modal, that even after 40 hours of use, I would get warnings that I probably want a different tool. Yet, back then Corel Draw had a really nice user interface, IMHO. Still today, I prefer Inkscape over illustrator, though they have worked to discourage accurate drawing, lately.

Almost anything that can be thought of, can be modeled in Rhino.

My friend did work for a major California airport. He used to swear by Revit, but I was so dismayed with Autodesk’s taking over my computer than I didn’t even want to finish the demo. I think that their symbols are too granular for a program that uses so many. Perhaps it would be better with a SSD. I don’t know. My friend would complain how many times it would crash in a day.

I really think that Rhino has a lot going for it as a program. I think that soon would be a good time for a Rhino marketing campaign.

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No marketing campaign is complete without a bikini babe.

are you sure you’re not meaning to contact Trimble to tell them how to make SketchUp better by adopting features found in Rhino?

(like, you know… the ability to make a circle)


I don’t like VisualArq because it is not as intuitive as Autodesk’s Revit. Autodesk’s Revit
uses objects like walls and windows to build your building in the same logical manner that
you actually build the real physical building. So it much easier than VisualArq

Why not include these ADDITIONAL FEATURES that Sketchup has to offer IN ADDITION
to what Sketchup has to offer !! More is better than less !!

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This is what I mean about making Adobe’s function better and easier to use in Rhino.
One stop shopping with Rhino so you don’t need all those other software packages. More is
better than less !!

Why can’t Rhino be BOTH.

Why not include the features of Sketchup pro, Revit, and Adobe software in ADDITION TO
what Rhino has to offer. I am not talking about either or here but BOTH Rhino features plus Revit features PLUS Adobe commands. More commands and capabilities is better than less.
Obviously. !!

You may want to explore SplitFace, sub-object selection, and the extrude control on the gumball.

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if you draw a line on a face in SketchUp, it splits the surface automatically then you can go on to extrude a part of the split via push/pull.

if you made Rhino to have all intersections of surfaces and curves to split automatically like you see in SketchUp, you’d have some seriously p’d off Rhino users.

there’s likely always going to be an extra step in Rhino compared to Sketchup if you specifically want to draw-on-face then extrude part of it.


One thing is that pushing and pulling on surfaces, especially trimmed faces, is a different ball of wax than pushing and pulling mesh faces. There are certainly ways to do that sort of thing more reliably than Rhino does - (you can push and pull directly on faces in Rhino with sub object selection, you just may not like the result in many cases) but Rhino is not currently set up to make that easy or maybe even possible.


Is there a forum specifically for making suggestions for future releases? I have some stuff I would like to put out there but dont know where to post it.

Hello - here (but a new topic, please), or the Serengeti forum -


Thanks Pascal. I just posted in there. My suggestion was to allow direct copying and pasting between Rhino and AutoCAD btw. What do you think? Possible?

sure its possible, if you need it you need to code it up, since you can build plugins for both applications. But don’t expect this feature as needed as you think it is. This whole thread compares apples with oranges.

Amazed by how many took your suggestions…

What?! Revit intuitive?.. I think we must be talking about different softwares.

VisualArq works under the same concept, using walls, door, columns… Have you actually tried VisualArq?