My Embed drawing deleted suddenly?

Hi, today my teammember caleed me and told me that : he cant see the drawing on embed page… and ı log in and check than realized my drawing gone… how???

I dont understand what you mean?

I’m really sorry for the trouble but I need a bit more information to help out. Do you see the model in your account? Could you share a model link or embedding ticket so we can investigate?

If the embedding doesn’t work, please go to the model edit page and add the domains for model embedding.

Normalyy we use that embeded drawing everyday but I cant see the model in my account… but I can send you the embeded code that “doesnt work anymore” from priivate

I sent you please I am in urgent… our all workes stoped…

My apologies for the inconvenience, we are investigating the issue and will get back to you soon.

I am waiting please… help us as fast as posibble…

It is unclear what the exact problem is from your messages.

If you cannot see the model in your account anymore, please upload a new version of it. We have never heard of this problem before.

In any case, you now need to add a domain to the model you want to embed. So go to the model Edit page and enter the URL of your website in the field “additional domains”:

1- Normally everything was fine yesterday… than after my teammate told me I check my account and see “my ticket” not on myshapediver…

2- after that I upload my drawing again… and change ticket but now cant see model on embeded web page…

I tried what you told me also but when I "clickoutside of “additional domains” area input value become “empty”

OK I did it… but until now I never add web page to list"" anyway the important is solve the problem thanx

This was previously a bug of the platform: you should always have to add your embedding domains. This bug was fixed in our last update but in your case it means that you now need to add embedding domains to your models. See it as an extra layer of security for you, because otherwise it would mean anyone can embed your models on their website.

yes this is better I agree with you… but I scare much… and thought that maybe my ticket was the one I deleted before but which is in your server…