Embedding problem

I am trying to embed a model on a squarespace site, but it does not work. (Screenshots) I have have sure that the allowed domains are ‘OK’… I have an old uploaded model which work, I don’t know if it is my fault. Hope you can clear it up.

I am trying to embed this model:

With this code:

The problem here seems to be that the embed code is not shown on the model page, so you are likely not using the correct one. We will look into the problem, as soon as it’s fixed you will see the correct code in the “Embed Code” section.

Thank you!

@morten1 You should now see the correct embed code in the page, let me know if it works.

works. thanks. It almost drove me crazy not knowing what was going on. Please let us know on the forum when you are doing updates to the system, that would be great.

But it seems like a nice update though.

I have also problem with embeding. I allowed 2 domain pages, but it works only on one page. Shapediver model works here: Spacious, but not on this page: Spacious
I addad global domains as well as domain on shapediver private scene page here: https://app.shapediver.com/m/acoustic-wall-viz-4
What might be a problem?

Try adding this domain for the second page and let me know if it works:


Thanks! Now it works.