Must it be that dims go massive when going from cm to inches?

start a project and use cm.
then as I have a load of inches dims to plot, alter unit to inches, go yes to scale warning.

then see my dims I add as much bigger, ugly, unprofessional and too big and clashing with others.

and those already in project that were looking fine and just right also afflicted…

Can we not have dims height and assoc properties such as arrow size independent of units when switching between units as we work ?

what is the solution when this happens ?

Is this same in Autocad and others ?



Hi Steve -

Modify the model space scaling:


I have those settings already,
so I try again going from cm to inches, and it goes huge.

I need to see inches for curve length, and despite a double display in dims, working for length dims, its not doing so for curve length (see other post)

so need to display inches, but all my dims are then bad.

and as I am flitting between cm and inches, …well I can’t that well, as I have a load of curve length dims to do .

Not sure what to do now.

Basic stuff this.