Mushroom like structure (19.2 KB)

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I already post a topic in the forum, but I think here is the right place? Sorry for that!

I’m relatively new in rhino and grasshoppers and would like to build a structure similar to this one in the attached file. I would like to built the structure for real in wood, but the one i designed is to complicate, especially with all different arcs. So I search a solution for tree different tasks:

  1. the base structure is build out of two horizontal circles with different centers, divided in x-parts. each slats/arc have to point to the centre of the small circle, when seen from the top. the complicate code to build the points on the biggest inclined circle show what I want, but isn’t there a simpler way (big violet group in *.gh file)?

  2. each arc should be build with a vertical line (blue one in sketch) with different length and with the ability to incline (yellow one in sketch) and an circular arc with a uniform radius (see in sketch). Alternatively it should be build without circle, as seen in green in the sketch.

  3. at least I will sweep the arcs with more than one definable rectangle as shown in the *.gh file. on the bottom of the line should be the bigger rectangle till a to definable point on the arc, and the it sweep to a small rectangle at the end of the arc on the top circle. each arc should be definable differently, as the longer bigger arcs need to be stronger as the shorter arcs.

It would be great to get some inputs on this topic. Thanks in advance! (20.5 KB)

this is awsome! thanks a lot… i first have to check how it work exactly. that is what I’m looking for! you are my hero! I just saw, that the radius in the slat is limited to 1. first is this in meter or can this radius be in meter? and it should be bigger than 1. I need a much bigger radius, around 3.6 meter. is this possible? about the adjustable rectangles: as the bigger slats have to be much more stronger I would like to make these per example 0.14 x 0.42m (dimension of the sweep). but the smaller slats should be, say 0.12 x 0.22m. probably there have to be one or two more dimension, so that it looks smooth. do you have any idea how to handle this? thanks so much!

3.6 meter is maybe way to much. but what about 2 meter?

and do you have any plan to have the smaller parts (dimension) of the slat on the upper circle. like in the sketch? say, a kind of slats wich getting younger/smaller there. I don’t know how to describe this :upside_down_face:

If you increase the upper circle radius, then you’ll be able to get enough length for fillet…
Check the attached. and the rest details are up to you. (22.9 KB)

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Thanks a lot Kim. That works like you said. I try to figure out the details.
Then I was not able to set the ‘Slant-Angle-Upper Circle’ to 0°. All the fillets gone, and I do not understand why exactly that happens. Maybe you have a god hint to figure out how I can do that. Thanks anyway!

Check this… (23.4 KB)

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Thanks Kim. This works! Have a good day/night!