Mushroom like structure (19.2 KB)

Hi there. I’m relatively new in rhino and grasshoppers and like to build a structure like in the attached file to bild in wood. Therefore I search some solutions for tree different tasks:

  1. the base structure is build out of two circles with different centers. each slats/arc have to point to the centre of the small circle, when seen from the top. the complicate code to build the points on the biggest inclined circle show what I want, but isn’t there a simpler way (big violet group in *.gh file)?

  2. each arc should be build with a vertical line (blue one in sketch) with different length and with the ability to incline (yellow one in sketch) and an circular arc with a uniform radius (see in sketch). Alternatively it should be build without circle, as seen in green in the sketch.

  3. at least I will sweep the arcs with more than one definable rectangle as shown in the *.gh file. on the bottom of the line should be the bigger rectangle till a to definable point on the arc, and the it sweep to a small rectangle at the end of the arc on the top circle. each arc should be definable differently, as the longer bigger arcs need to be stronger as the shorter arcs.

It would be great to get some inputs on this topic. Thanks in advance!