Multisplit problem to choose elements from the list

Hi everybody!

I’m a really new user of Grasshopper and I’m trying to parameterize the section of a bridge to avoid drawing it all the time that someone choose to change it.

After i have done the sweep of multi geometry, i have tried to cut it with sets of vertical plane (the set is composed by two planes that are distant 0.1 m from each other than each set is distant from the other set of 20m less or more). So i have connected the split ti a list item so i was able to choose and bake only the part between two set (20m) and not the one between each plane (0.1).

Here is a picture of what i mean with an easier example.

In this way i can keep just the blue part, the one that i see when i choose index=1.

In this simple and cute file works but when i do it on my bridge the “split part” works but when i set the slider on 1 it gives me no sense parts.

Here a picture of what happens to me

I really don’t know what to do anymore, probably the problem is in the lists but i really can’t understand!!
If someone can help me it would be really nice bc i don’t understand why is working in the simple file and here no!

Here is the files:
Item list (14.2 KB)
Item list problems.3dm (113.5 KB)

i am quite confused by your question.

Do you mind circling out what you want to keep here?

I would like to remove the tiny part between the two surface.

But i have solved the problem doing a script for each segment and it works as i want but if i put all the segment together it doesn’t work but it is fine!!

Thank you to try it!