Divide list with Subset in grasshopper

Hello, I am trying to divide a list of breps into 3 segments (3 lists). I am using Subset but what I get as output is only the first objects of the 3 lists. How can I get all objects of the list in 3 separate lists? In attached gh-file there is an example when I tried with only dividing the list of breps into 2 parts which worked fine, and a beginning of using Subset.



q_gh_03.gh (295.4 KB)

looking good, can you please send another screenshot where the components names are visile instead of the symbols?


here’s the gh definition. components for domain size are deconstruct domain, subtraction and expression.

q_gh_03_re.gh (297.9 KB)

Thanks! i tried to download the plug-in EdiTree but didnt worked out. I am missing one component, right?

i deleted the EdiTree divide list component from the definition since it’s not what you were looking for.
it simply divides a list into a specified number of equally sized parts.

Ok, seems to work fine. BUT, how do I pick out the list of the tree in the end? I am trying with list item but again, then I only get the first object of the lists…

q_gh_04.gh (308.4 KB)

you have a data tree with three branches. each branch holds a list. list item selects an item by index from each of those lists. if you want to get one of those branches, use tree branch. make sure to simplify the input.

although i’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to achieve and if this is the way to go.

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Yes it is exactly what I needed. I am trying to achieve a rotation of objects with a range of 2 values (start and end rotation) (see the attached screenshot). The lower group of the gh-file shows this, but in this example I am only dividing the list of breps into 2 parts, instead I would like it to be divided into 3 (or more) parts.

The upper part of the gh-file with the divition into 2 steps fails when trying to rotate the objects with its center points as rotation points. I used the same logic as the test of 2 part. Do you have any idea what could be wrong?

q_gh_05.gh (308.1 KB)

same thing you did with the 2-part rotation, only with three parts:

rotate_3part.gh (312.4 KB)

This is aswesome! Exactly what I needed. thank you so much for your help!