Multiple notification tabs on the Properties Window

Hi folks, getting an odd one, multiple notification tabs on the properties interface box. Alongside the properties, layers tabs, I currently have 4 blue bells… Have I won a jackpot perhaps?! First one says the license has been obtained, the others are blank. No biggie, just a bit untidy! V6, latest build,


Hi Tim - this was bug some time ago if I remember right, but was… ‘fixed’. Are those actually notification panels or the wrong icon on some other panels…?


I can confirm that behaviour i had this after previous update after last one problem didn’t appear yet.

This was the previous mention: Notification tabs proliferating. Problem hasn’t gone away…

Pascal, the first icon is for the notification, the others are all blank panels, so I have no idea what they ought to contain, if anything. Not even an X to close them… Just the bell. Bells… The Bells…
Cue for Quasimodo joke!

Can I send some report details?

Hi Tim - this is the currently open item for this bug:


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Just had Bitdefender trash (sorry, quarantine) the 6.8 update - there’s a new discourse thread about this - and side effect was that my recent files list and panel settings got lost. The silver lining is that all the excess notifications bells have disappeared, presumably because I’ve (been) reverted to the default settings.