Stop activating the Notifications tab

Please either remove this tab, put it on the splash screen or something or at least remember when user removes it to stay removed (not active).

Currently it comes back every time I launch Rhino.
It is taking up the space of some useful tab there.

Consider yourself lucky, you only have one tab…


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haha :slight_smile:

Starting happening to me too recently. Dunno why. Maybe it has something to do with it but when opening Rhino Im asked to “log in” with my user, because Rhino need a License… this didn’t happen to me before and coincidently the blue bell started appearing.

I too see this tab constantly reactivating. I use Rhino on two machines, work and home, and it pops back up every time the license switches.

Can we leave this tab turned off as requested? License acquisitions aren’t action items; if it failed there would be a pop-up anyway; meanwhile I want the panel space for useful tabs.