Link Number Sliders


Is it possible in Grasshopper to link sliders? What I mean is I have few sliders all maps to one range, now I could get the same result all the time when the sliders in the same positions. That happens because changing one slider will not affect another one.

So is there component or workaround for such a case? (8.4 KB)

Sliders cannot be linked, but their values can be post-processed to meet certain criteria. The problem you’ll run into is that you probably want the slider you’re currently dragging to maintain it’s real value, and modify the values of the other sliders. This is also not possible since you can’t figure out from within the network which slider is the active one. At least not without a certain amount of scripting.

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You know when there are three sliders this is not a problem, but when more managing them is a nightmare. So, for me this issue is important.
Somehow using wheels fix this as soon as they are less informative.
I had a hope that someone have already fix this, maybe by creating a multislider coponent for example.

Let’s assume there is a multi-slider component, how do you want to specify the relationships between the sliders?

A range as an entrance (not nessery though) rebuilding relation after an input.
The point is it hasn’t to be interactive when there is a lot of them finding the least one or the most one along all that array of similar looking sliders is the issue usually.
Another issue is the Remote Control Panel. I should publish now and the slider and its value, and explaing to the user - do not whatch this whatch that.

I’ve reread this discussion and come to the conclusion I don’t understand the problem.

Given the file you posted, if the first slider is dragged, what is the result you want to see instead of the result you currently get?

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The result is correct. The only issue is interface.

Imagine you have a range of parameters their sum should be kept all the time the same. In my scheme though, the value 0,5;0,5;0,5 and the values 1;1;1 return the same result. That is confusing.

Plus for example, if all the sliders close to the value one and I want one slider to significantly increase its value I should decrease the value of all other sliders instead, simultaneously trying to keep their relation before the change.

I’m pretty sure that component will be useful and surprised that there is no any now

Thinking a bit this “the value 0,5;0,5;0,5 and the values 1;1;1 return the same result.” is not avoidable any way

I don’t think I understand the problem either, but it has reminded me of the Peacock’s MapToSum component.

If you want your A,B,C parameters to add up to a certain D value, you can use this component without worrying about the real value of A,B,C, but about the proportion between them.

Thank you for the Peacok’s component, this is what I’ve missed in my defenition really important though.

As for my original question. If there is no such component means that there is workaround or people could survive without it.