Variable slider range


I think this topic has already been discussed here but unfortunately I still haven’t found a suitable solution for my problem. I would like to create a slider which has a variable range. So in my case it is about the thickness d of a slab which has to fulfill a certain condition based on the spacing s of the girders. The condition is the following:

18.0 d ≥ s ≥ 6.0 d

Is it possible to somehow make both s and d a variable parameter but still always remain in the range of the condition above?

Thank you in advance!

You can do this with metahopper


It might not be ideal, but it’s fairly trivial to set slider bounds with a script. Here’s a quick GHPython example that sets the bounds for a list of named sliders: (3.8 KB)


Perfect, thank you for your help!

Thanks for your help and the code example!