Multi-color material vray, using masks(?)

I have one big mesh, and I want each node(A,B,C,D) to be rendered in a different color! more over I want the a gradient change of the color smoothly between the corners, for this rendering visual I need only the top view (left picture), but just showing you the right one so you understand it is a 3D mesh and the material will be transparent so I am expecting to see in ,multi-levels…

SEE THE EXAMPLE: render_top_perspective|690x419

Hi @naama.glauber

Okay so it should be a fairly quick solution, steps below.

Step 1: create material and apply gradient to diffuse

Step 2: Turn gradient to four corner creating 4 colours with 1/3 ‘position’ between them (0,0.33,0.66,1) and uncheck ‘tile U/V’

Step 3: Create a square above all Geometry just a little bigger than everything. With everything selected apply a planar map using the square as a ‘bounding box’ guide (snap to the corners of the square).

Step 4: enjoy :smiley:

You can also use a Photoshop made gradient for better definition in corner colours.

Thanks a lot Nicholas!

I have three more questions:

  1. I didn’t understand if what you said about the corner’s colours by photoshop is a post process? if not, where can I change it to specific colours?

  2. The results now are not sufficient for now, for what I searching and I’m wondering if there is a chance to use 4 different materials and combining them that way…?

  3. in case I have 5 or 6 corners (here I have only 4…) How can I use this procedure?

This is a really great help!

Sorry spent way to long trying to work out if V-Ray could do exactly what you want.

  1. All I meant by the photoshop part was that instead of using a ‘gradient texture’ built in the V-Ray gradient node, you would instead make a gradient in photoshop then use it as a bitmap in your material.
    Not a post process, you just get more flexibility and colour definition in photoshop.
    So - Photoshop gradient - export png - import as bitmap to material - planar map material on objects
    Rather than - create material - make gradient in vray - planar map material on objects

  2. Honestly cannot find a damn thing on this, I can create a trillion textures on top of each other, but when it comes to specifying a corner for each texture and blending them you’ve had it.
    Best solution Photoshop, or substance painter, something along those lines.

    Would also work for normal maps, displacement etc…

  3. Photoshop again
    There’s a reason why in 3D there’s a program workflow, no single software can do everything.

Hope this in some way helps, also check out Chaos group forum, there’s specific sections for Rhino V-Ray :+1: