Moving viewport cause computer crash

I have been modelling a runner track system. One viewport on the printed page is raytraced. If i click on it to bring up the Gumball and try to move the image, i get a spinning beach ball, then click somewhere else, the mouse disappears and the computer reboots itself. I see the Rhino Temp file still in the finder as if Rhino is open, which it isn’t. No Rhino crash report comes up, only the send to apple one.
I have attached the file here if it uploads ok. Thanks.
Deck Rolling Tray.3dm (3.1 MB)

Seems to be working here on my M2 Max

Hi Nathan, thats interesting, I am not getting your result.
I made a copy of the file, changed that image to rendered and have no issues. As soon as I change it to RT I get the crash. It seems to disable the mouse, takes a minute or 2 then restarts the computer.
I’m on a 12 core Macpro Intel machine running Ventura 13.5.2.
I was having trouble with this file during the build up phase. Occasionally the main Rhino screen would disappear and leave the small pallet open. I would have to click the Rhino icon to get it all back.
I’ll try something new a clean file see if i can recreate the issue. Thank you.

I created another random file with simple geometry. The two images is a before and after the move. The computer is not crashing with this simpler file, but is failing to complete the render or the RT item when its moved on the page.
The graphics card is a AMD Radeon Pro Vega II.

Until any fix for this is found I suggest keeping the details in say Wireframe mode while positioning them, and only when you’re ready set them to Raytraced.

This might be related to a Metal-related crash I’ve been investigating ( RH-78648 Crash after internal Metal error ).

Hi JP -

In addition to Nathan’s suggesting to using a different display mode while positioning, note that, at this point, printing / exporting to PDF a layout with a detail in Raytraced will result in that detail being in the Rendered mode. That issue is on the list as RH-50153.

If you need a detail in Raytraced, for the time being, you could raytrace in a model space viewport, copy that viewport to the clipboard, and paste it as an image in the layout to replace the detail.

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Excellent, many thanks.