Moving using common origin

Hi All,

I’ve provided a few images for this one (so bad at explaining GH with text)

My task is this:
To move geometries on various layers from an imported .dwg file from their origin, to a new, predetermined location while retaining their relative positions to one another. The issue is that some layers contain more than one object (i.e. they contain multiple geometries).

The images below show the original import locations (coloured) and the projected new location within the large rectangle (using that geometry’s center)

I’ve managed to get them to move toward the new point, and have referenced one of the .dwg layers with a single geometry on it to establish a common origin point.

The objects shift in relation to one another during the move, and also when I move the new location, their relativity changes further.

Figured I’ve done something really dumb and made a feedback loop or something.

Would really appreciate some assistance.

moving with common (34.6 KB)

Calculate one vector to move along, then use that for all the geometry using regular Move component. Move Away From is not the correct component.

amazing thanks so much mate!