MoveUVN on Mesh Control Points Causes Holes in Mesh/Overlapping Faces

Hello Rhino community! New user of the software here, so this may be a very mundane question so thank you for your time.

I just finished meshing a lofted surface and I would like to expand out the middle set of control points. I lassoed them all and then did MoveUVN followed by adjusting the points by manipulating the N axis. When doing that, I noticed the integrity of the mesh getting lost.

Is there either a way to avoid this from happening or a way to repair it?

Again, thank you very much!

controlpoints_forMOVEUVN.3dm (109.2 KB)

The command is moving the points relative to the surface UVN as expected.

I guess I would try moving the points with a Scale2D from a centroid instead, so they stay together.

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Hello - Weld the mesh at 180 degrees before using MoveUVN. But, I think I’d adjust a surface not the mesh - is there some reason you need a mesh at this stage?

controlpoints_forMOVEUVN_PG.3dm (159.2 KB)


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This was exactly what I needed. Thanks!