Moving points on a line RANDOMLY in a given direction with domain

Internalized Bamboo (50.7 KB) Good evening,

I have these bamboo poles that I would like to detail a bit more by showing the irregularities in the change in X and Y along a line at given points.

In my head I thought: Divide a curve x amount of times, then construct a domain that would then connect to random to randomize the change in position of each point. After some time, I figured out all points were moving at the same distance and vector. I further tried to list item (each point on a given line) and move them individually, but even the “0s” still move together at the same distance and vector. I know this is a simple solution but cannot figure it out, please help.

If this can become a lot more simple where I do not have to call out each point on the line “list item” that would be great to learn.

The breps are internalized

that are being manipulated.

Thank you!

Something like this? Internalized Bamboo (48.5 KB)

Thank you for the response! Unfortunately this did not help. The curve needs to have points along it that get shifted then reconnected as the curve goes up. Imagine drawing a line up, moving it to the left a bit, then to the right a bit.

From testing the script you made, you were able to divide the curve within a domain, instead, I need to divide the curve a number amount of times, and those points are what need to be shifted on the x and y plane.

I made a quick manual example of what I am trying to do.

So the point at a given location needs to move within a domain on the x plane. Then I will do the same for the y plane.

Thank you again!

like this?Internalized Bamboo (59.1 KB)

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Yes! Thank you so much for the help with this, and it is understandable. Mark the legend. Have a nice day.