Moving points up and below line

Hello there,

I have an question, as in the title I want to move the green points up and below the line. I mean for example, the first point should be on the line, the second under i, the third maybe a bit more below… and this according to a graph.

I found an entry about that which helped a bit, the grouped fonction is from the entry and the result were the blue points but I could not move the points as i wanted to.

btw all these points are polyline based, I put the beginning of it in the upper left corner.

I need some help to continue my work, thanks for now.

Does this help?

You just have to remmap numbers to a target domain that goes from negative to positive values (e.g. -1 to 1) for the z values
I hope it helps!

It would be easier to help more if you could upload the file.

Isn’t that always the case, yet some folks never learn the value of this most basic forum etiquette.

One of the conditions that he wrote about was that the first point stay on the line so if he does remap the numbers to get negative values he’ll need to sort the points and skip the first I think. I didn’t spend more time on it to handle that bit though :wink:

Oh, yes!
In that case, he can just subtract the first point’s z value from each entry in the list. That way it will be guarranteed to stay at zero and the lesser values will become negative

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Perhaps using the Cosine or Sine value will help.

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Thanks for all your replies, I made the half of it and it works but I still can not complete it.

It is nothing private and the the details are available on youtube (I dont know is it allowed to give other internet names). I am still learning the logic of grasshopper. That might be a bit off topic and do not understand me wrong but rather than getting everthing done from lecturers or friends I prefer to research about the topic and try to solve it alone.

I have uploaded the files,

I have divided it into 3 parts

  1. Straight borders, interior axle parallel to Y axis, waving values on Z axis (Blue)
  2. Straight borders, Waving axle to Y axis and waving values on Z axis (Yellow)
  3. Doing the the 2. part between curved borders (Red)

and I got stuck on part 3 now. I have put a X axis parameter in the 2. part which is moving the midpoints of each border group, off its lane. Every group of 3 points have to be perpendicular on the borders and every midpoint has to be wavy on Z axis and XY plane.

I tried to explain a bit but basically It is that I want to make the second part with curvy borders.

Thank you again… (69.2 KB)
Untitled.3dm (41.9 KB)

Hi. @mikailkurtulus
Your definition has a lot of useless parts and I can’t fully understand, but if this is what you are going to do, then it’s not so difficult at all. If you want to move a point within a line segment, use the tangent vector…
And I made it by using the definition that I posted already because it would be good for you if you know how to use it. (80.3 KB)

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Thanks for your reply, that helped much.

I have examined it to understand how it works and is pretty simple, but I still lack on practice. I have to do more works to be confort with the functions.