Moving Points along line

Hi! I’m searching a way to have a closed line along the red dots. What I would like to achieve is to move every point of the green curve on the external surface by a certain distance that should be always the same (e.g. h=150 cm). I try to use the point on curve slider but it moves points on both surfaces (external and internal) and reparametrize the segments. Can you please give me an advice? (17.8 KB)

Moving Points along (23.2 KB)

is this?

I don’t have Lunchbox installed.

You can also just take the intersection curves, refit those and use Evaluate Curve

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Got it, Thanks!

You can also use Evaluate Length. (11.7 KB)

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Nice Kim, I will try some different options :wink:

@dowazura I have 2 nooby questions on your soultion. I know what Cull Pattern and Curve Closest Point do, but I can’t understand how they work in this case. If you briefly could explain to me would me awesome. And the second one, what Invert does on Periodic (last Interpolate command)?