Moving point along planes

Hello guys, Im trying to replicate Pedregullo building by architect reidy, here are some image references:

I’m stuck because I dont know how to move a point along a plane to displace the central column:


help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Edit: the idea is to have two ( or more) columns on each plane ) (19.2 KB)
minocao.3dm (78.7 KB)

Why don’t you use the offsets of your base curve as your guide of new column positions? (22.0 KB)

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yeah it works like a charm!

I 've also been working on the model but I am not convinced yet:

had to do the LineSDL, Endpoints and Vector 2P to get the motion of the Move Geometry,
¿ is there a more efficient way of extracting the direction I need to push the columns eliminating the components marked in red? (11.2 KB)
minocao.3dm (47.1 KB) (13.0 KB)


that is exactly what I was talking about my man! :clap:

thank you

going to make the rest tomorro