Moving Hatch / Hatch Base

When moving a hatch object, it’s “hatchbase” doesn’t translate accordingly. Is there a macro/Script or any workaround to update/move the “hatchbase” accordingly? Thanks.

Hello - - to ‘repair’ it after the move, you can use HatchBase, but I don’t know of any setting that moves the base with the hatch.


Dear Pascal

It is quite tiresome if there are many many small hatches in a detail drawing.

Could there be a script/macro, that remebers the xy movement of the object/hatch and resets the hatchbase in relation to that?

Alternatively could there be a hatch base reference (like history) to a reference point?

Any news on this one? Thanks.

I agree, this would be a nice feature, I think I’d actually prefer that the HatchBase would move with the object as default. I’m sure there are cases where the reverse would be preferable but I can’t think of any at the moment.

RH-55109 is fixed in the latest WIP