Hatchbase offsets when moving object

The “Set Base” Command in Rhino is very useful. Nevertheless it is very annoying that the reference Point/ base does not move with the hatch/ object.

Many time, when a drawing is almost finished, you may decide to move it. Then, all the hatch bases mismatch. As one can have many many hatches it’s impossible to reset every single hatch base!

Is it possible to resolve this in the current Version? Thanks.

before/ correct:

after/ wrong

Hi Matthias- I guess setting the hatch base is an absolute base point, not relative to the objects. I guess that is the whole idea, but I see how you might want to base per object as well. Right now, I don’t think there’s any way in plain Rhino- I can imagine it may be possible to script a tool for this however.


Hi Pascal,

the idea should rather be to have this relative to the object/ hatch itself. Having the hatch base tool gives you the option to set a reference off the 0,0,0 resp. relating to a boundary. It doesn’t make sense to falling back to a global reference when moving the hatch.

This comes form architecture/ design users and is absolutely crucial.

Hi Matthias - I understand what you’re trying to do - I can see some complications, though, if I am looking at this clearly… for example I think it would not be compatible with using History with hatches.


Hi Pascal,

we don’t use history für hatches. Can this at least be provided with history-less hatches?

We are not talking about a fun CAD drawing but about the handling of many detailed architectural/ product drawings.

Thanks for your Support.

Ah, Ok. Then I can relax.
I have added this to the heap: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-38763




Dear Pascal,

can we expect this in a later rhino 6 version? As i said, this would be so helpful in handling those “complex” detail drawings.


Have you checked the YT item that was linked to?

First off: RH6 is released. Generally speaking, no new functionality will be added in Service Releases to any version.

Secondly, specifically for this wish, the developer writes “I think this is unlikely to happen” and the item is set to “future”.

I checked it of course. We are thinking about upgrading or moving to another platform. That’s the reason for checking in the progress/ probability of our needs…

Thanks anyway.