Moving Different Items from the Same List Different Distances

I am having trouble with something that is probably either super simple or impossible. I have a Linear Array component that is outputting a list of lines. I am wanting to move the 1st item in the list 7 units, the 2nd item 14 units, the 3rd item 21 units, ect… for as many items that the list contains. I imagine this might combine the Move component with some type of formula. It might be worth noting that the quantity of list items can change based on a parameter further up the chain. I’ve simplified my 600+ object definition down to 24 objects to isolate the issue and attached. Please help! (12.5 KB)

This is on the super simple side of Grasshopper. See attached. (16.4 KB)

Awesome! The Mass Addition component, I see. Thanks Siemen! I’m new to the Grasshopper community and blown away by how helpful everyone is here. Hope to be able to pay it back one day…