Repeat an addition / how to parametrize list item

I have several curves, which i divided in 10 parts. Now I want to create 9 Arrows on this curves using vector display.
I thought it would make sense, to use List Item component to get the points. So for instance, List Item with Index 0,1 for the first Vectors, List Item 1,2 for the second Vector and so on. Is there a way to parametrize this addition? If I wanted to divide the initial curves into more than 10 segments, to get more arrows, this would be very helpful.
Thank you for your help.

Hi @Nicola5 ,

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I don’t quite understand your title “Repeat an addition” in context of the screenshot you shared.

However, is this what you are after, drawing a vector display from each division point to the next?

If so, the Shift List component will be your friend here.

Graph Space:

Model Space:

Hope that helps, cheers! (6.4 KB)

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Thank you so much! Indeed I was unsure on how to phrase the title. But that helps alot. Wish you a pleasant weekend.

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Of course! Happy to help and a pleasant weekend to you as well, thank you!

PS regarding your title, the “Mass Addition” component does “repeat addition” if you connect a panel to the “Partial Results” of that component you will see that the component sequentially adds each item before it into the list to provide a total sum at the “current index”

So if you have a list of 10 items each with varying values, the partial results at index 8 would be the sum of all values of indices 0-7, the sum of 9 would be 0-8 and so on.

It’s a helpful component for certain operations.